Jewellery gifted by Mary, Queen of Scots goes on display in Edinburgh

Royal Collection Trust/(c) Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2018.

A present from Mary, Queen of Scots to one of the four Marys – Mary Seton – has gone on display at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. The ornate brooch was handcrafted from enamelled gold and studded with pearls and rubies. It dates from around 1580.

Mary Seton was one of the four attendants of the Queen known as the four Marys who also spent time with the young Queen in France. She returned with the Queen to Scotland after the death of King Francis II of France. Mary Seton joined the Queen in her captivity in England and was particularly known for her hairdressing skills.

Sally Goodsir, assistant curator of decorative arts, Royal Collection Trust, said: “Through new displays of the Royal Collection our visitors will be able to explore the Palace’s close association with some of Scotland’s best-known historic figures. We want everyone to gain a deeper understanding of Edinburgh’s royal palace and of its continuing role as the official residence of the Sovereign in Scotland.”

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