Princess Grace’s childhood home will reopen to the public

By Hans Peters / Anefo - Derived from Nationaal Archief, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Princess Grace of Monaco’s childhood home will be reopening to the public in the near future. Her son, Prince Albert II of Monaco, who purchased his late mother’s home in Philadelphia last year spoke to People Magazine about the property.

The property isn’t set to become “exclusively a museum.” Prince Albert plans to hold “different public events” there, but he also wants to keep an eye on the residential quality.  “While it is a historical landmark, I don’t think that a dedicated museum is the right avenue to take,” Prince Albert said. “There will though be any number of events which will facilitate public viewing.”

Among those public events, Prince Albert said, “We’re arranging an exchange-type program with the Princess Grace Irish Library in Monaco.” This library was founded in 1984 in honour of Princess Grace’s love for literature. It will be the library’s first overseas extension.

As for the opening date, Prince Albert said, “To give ourselves enough room, I’m saying a year, but it could be less than that. To give you an answer, 2018, possibly earlier.”

The six-bedroom mansion was purchased by Prince Albert last autumn for $754,000 after the previous own died and he admitted that it felt “good” to own his late mother’s home. The previous owner was a hoarder, so it is likely that the house will need a lot of work before it is ready to open.

“The house was very beautiful and very special to our family,” Prince Albert said. He also recalled rolling on the carpet of the living room during his first visit to the house. “The house is filled with little moments like that. Moments of being a family,” he said. Speaking of his two-year-old twins with Princess Charlene, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, he said, “I’m looking forward to showing the house to the kids, sharing it with them, having them see the garden.”

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