mary victoria hamilton
Mary Victoria Douglas-Hamilton

Lady Mary Victoria Douglas-Hamilton – The absent Princess

The daughter of our Scotch duke will become a sovereign princess. Her future Kingdom, it is true, is scarcely as extensive as is one of her brother’s estates, but, nevertheless, the Principality has maintained its independence for many centuries. The fair and amiable Lady Hamilton is the Emperor’s cousin. Lady Mary Victoria Douglas-Hamilton was born [read more]

Ghislaine Dommanget

Princesses Consort of Monaco – Ghislaine Dommanget

Ghislaine Dommanget was born on 13 October 1900 as the daughter of Colonel Robert Joseph Dommanget and his wife, Marie Louise Meunier. Her first marriage was to Paul Diey in 1923. He died in 1931. She later married André Brulé, with whom she had one son. Their marriage ended in divorce. She became an actress. Embed from [read more]

Alice Heine

Princesses Consort of Monaco – Alice Heine

Alice Heine was born on 10 February 1858 in New Orleans as the daughter of Michel Heine and Amélie Marie Miltenberger. The American Civil War led the family back to France, where Alice made a great impression on the Parisian society. Her father’s firm helped finance Emperor Napoleon III’s war with Prussia. She made a brilliant match with Marie Odet [read more]

Maria Caterina Brignole

Princesses Consort of Monaco – Maria Caterina Brignole

Maria Caterina Brignole was born on 7 October 1737 as the daughter of Giuseppe Maria Brignole Sale, 7th Marchese di Groppoli and Maria Anna Balbi. Her father was the Genovese ambassador to France, and so Maria Caterina and her mother regularly attended Versailles and the salons of Paris. Maria Caterina fell in love with Louis-Joseph de Bourbon, Prince [read more]