Jewels! The Glitter of the Russian Court Exhibition at the Hermitage Amsterdam

hermitage jewels
Photo by Moniek Bloks

This autumn the Hermitage museum in Amsterdam is playing host to a grand collection of magnificent jewels from the Russian court with “Jewels! The Glitter of the Russian Court”

The exhibition contains 300 pieces of jewellery but also more than 100 paintings, accessories and dresses and other types of fashion.

I expected to be amazed by all the glittering jewels but unfortunately, this exhibition failed to wow me. A lot of the items belonged to nobles rather than royals and I expected more actual jewellery instead of the – most likely still quite expensive – snuff boxes and the like. In addition, the exhibition was absolutely packed with people despite the use of timeslots. Nevertheless, the exhibition is set up quite well, though a little bit more space would not have hurt in some areas.

Click here for more information about visiting the Hermitage and Jewels! The Glitter of the Russian Court exhibition.

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