john conroy
The Royal Women

Queen Victoria & Sir John Conroy

John Conroy was born on 21 October 1786 as the son of John Ponsonby Conroy, Esq., and Margaret Wilson in Wales. Both his parents were Irish, and he was one of six siblings. He entered the army at the age of 17, but he was not quite as successful as he might have hoped. His [read more]

louise lehzen
The Year of Queen Victoria (2019)

Queen Victoria & Baroness Lehzen

Johanna Clara Louise Lehzen was born on 3 October 1784, and she is most remembered as the governess and companion of Queen Victoria. Louise Lehzen was born in Hanover as the daughter of Joachim Friedrich Lehzen who was a Lutheran pastor and his wife, Melusine Palm. Louise was the youngest of the couple’s nine children, [read more]