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Anne Princess Royal and Princess of Orange

Royal Wedding Recollections – Anne, Prince Royal & William IV, Prince of Orange

On 25 March 1734 (New Style), Anne, Princess Royal, married William IV, Prince of Orange, at St James’s Chapel. Anne was the daughter of George II, King of Great Britain and Caroline of Ansbach. The marriage was meant to improve the relationship between the Dutch Republic and England, which had been bad since the War [read more]

lady louise gustaf adolf wedding
Louise Mountbatten

Royal Wedding Recollections – Lady Louise Mountbatten & the future King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden

On 3 November 1923, Lady Louise Mountbatten married the future King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden. Louise’s engagement to the Crown Prince of Sweden had surprised many. Louise had resigned herself to staying single after the traumatic ending of her engagement to an artist. In a panic, she wrote, “You know that Gustaf of Sweden [read more]