Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont

Schloss Pyrmont – A famous meeting

This Baroque castle was the scene of one of the most famous lines in Dutch royal history. King William III of the Netherlands arrived here on 28 July 1878 to court Pauline of Waldeck and Pyrmont. Pauline rejected the elderly King but her sister Emma supposed exclaimed, “We cannot just let the poor man go [read more]

Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont

Arolsen Palace – The Wedding of William and Emma

Arolsen Palace was built between 1711 and 1722 by Count Ulrich zu Waldeck. The construction that was on the site was completely torn down. The new baroque palace was the birthplace of Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont, the future Queen (regent) of the Netherlands, who famously remarked “We can’t just let the poor man go home all [read more]