juliana stolberg
Juliana of Stolberg

Juliana of Stolberg – Mother of dynasties

Juliana of Stolberg was born on 15 February 1506 as the daughter of Bodo VIII, Count of Stolberg-Wernigerode and Anna of Eppstein-Königstein and her baptism took place ten days later. She would be one of 12 children, and just two of those did not survive to adulthood. It would be a happy childhood with many playmates. She received [read more]

Juliana of Stolberg

Evangelische Stadtkirche Dillenburg – A hidden gem

The city of Dillenburg has a rich history and connections with the house of Orange-Nassau. William I (the Silent) of Orange was born in this city and this little hidden gem is called the Evangelische Stadtkirche and it’s within walking distance from the rebuilt Wilhelmsturm. Within the walls of the Stadtkirche many of the early Nassau [read more]