Tudor Monarchs: Lives in Letters by Andrea Clarke Book Review

The Tudor period (1485-1603) was one of the most tumultuous and transformative eras in English history. It was period of drama and intrigue, as well as great triumphs and progress, such as Henry VIII’s Reformation and the defeat of the Spanish Armada. It saw the emergence of an English national identity and the beginnings of a British Empire. Four hundred years after the Tudor era ended with the death of Elizabeth I, this extraordinary period still fascinates and captures the public imagination like no other. The Tudor kings and queens – pious and conservative Henry VII, the tyrannical Henry VIII and his six wives, ‘Bloody Mary’, Edward the boy-King, and the virgin queen Elizabeth – remain the most well-known and fascinating English dynasty.The Tudor period is also the first in English history to be so thoroughly documented in manuscripts, letters and documents, of which the British Library holds an incredibly rich and important collection. This book contains the most significant examples, paired with concise commentaries, to illustrate the lives and personalities of the five Tudor monarchs, as well as the most important events of their reigns.

The Tudor dynasty has continued to fascinate us until this day and letters give you an intimate glance into their lives. Andrea Clarke’s Tudor Monarchs: Lives in Letters is a wonderfully designed look into this interesting period in British history. It is illustrated with the letters themselves, a transcript and the background story. However, while the idea for this book is great, it could have been expanded on a bit as there are just two or three letters per person. It is a nice book to have, though, if only to see the actual letters.

Tudor Monarchs: Lives in Letters by Andrea Clarke is available now in the UK and has no set release date for the US.


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