The Siegen Upper Castle
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The Siegen Upper Castle

The Siegen Obere Schloss (Upper Castle) dates from around the 13th century, and it has carried the name Oberes Schloss since around 1670. In the 15th century, the Counts of Nassau ran the town, and the castle and the castle gained defensive towers and walls. Unfortunately, much of the main building was destroyed by fire [read more]

Empress Xiaokangzhang

Empress Xiaokangzhang – The Qing Dynasty’s shortest-reigning Empress Dowager

Empress Xiaokangzhang was the fourth Empress of the Shunzhi Emperor. She was also the mother of the Kangxi Emperor. Empress Xiaokangzhang was also known to be the first Han Chinese Empress in the Qing Dynasty. She was also the Qing Dynasty’s shortest-reigning Empress Dowager. Empress Xiaokangzhang was an overlooked concubine who suddenly rose to prominence [read more]