The Siegen Upper Castle

The Siegen Upper Castle
Photo by Moniek Bloks

The Siegen Obere Schloss (Upper Castle) dates from around the 13th century, and it has carried the name Oberes Schloss since around 1670.

In the 15th century, the Counts of Nassau ran the town, and the castle and the castle gained defensive towers and walls. Unfortunately, much of the main building was destroyed by fire in 1503. As the centuries went on, the counts lived there less and less. The castle briefly served as a prison for Anna of Saxony, Princess of Orange, who gave birth to an illegitimate daughter called Christine von Dietz at the castle. She was later moved elsewhere and died while imprisoned.

The House of Nassau-Siegen used the castle as a residence, although the Catholic line eventually resided in a former monastery, later known as the Unteres Schloss (Lower Castle). This is also where the crypt is now located. Both branches of the family became extinct in the 18th century, and the possessions passed to the Nassau-Dietz line. This meant that the castle stopped being a main residence, although it continued to be used as a dower residence.

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Since 1888, the castle has belonged to the City of Siegen, and it has housed the Siegerland Museum since 1905. It houses some fantastic portraits, such as the childhood portraits of several of William I, Prince of Orange’s daughters. It also has an amazing view of the city.

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