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Book News August 2022

*contains affiliate links* Henrietta Maria: Conspirator, Warrior, Phoenix Queen  Hardcover – 4 August 2022 (UK & US) Henrietta Maria is the most reviled consort to have worn the crown of Britain’s Three Kingdoms. Condemned as that ‘Popish brat of France’, a ‘notorious whore’ and traitor, she remains in popular memory the wife who wore the [read more]

Elisabeth in Bavaria

Sisi – A slave to her hair

Empress Elisabeth of Austria’s hair became an obsession of hers over time, and it eventually grew down to her heels. She once stated, “I am a slave to my hair.”  To manage it, Elisabeth hired a woman named Fanny Angerer. She found Fanny at the Burgtheater after she noticed the wonderful hairstyle of the leading [read more]