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Henrietta Maria: Conspirator, Warrior, Phoenix Queen 

Hardcover – 4 August 2022 (UK & US)

Henrietta Maria is the most reviled consort to have worn the crown of Britain’s Three Kingdoms. Condemned as that ‘Popish brat of France’, a ‘notorious whore’ and traitor, she remains in popular memory the wife who wore the breeches and turned her husband Catholic, so causing a civil war, and a cruel and bigoted mother.

Diana: Remembering the Princess 

Kindle Edition – 4 August 2022 (US & UK)

Today, twenty-five years since Diana’s death, seems the right moment for a reassessment of this remarkable woman. Did the Royal Family learn lessons from her life, about protection and privacy, about how to incorporate ‘outsiders’ into their ranks, about how to manage scandal? Did it take any lessons from her death, and the public’s reaction not only to that, but to the behaviour of, in particular, the Queen and Prince Charles, in the aftermath? Or have the family and the Palace – ‘the men in grey suits’, as Diana called them – continued on the same track, unchanged, repeating many of the mistakes made with her, from her first nervous ventures in royal circles to her later defiance of traditional protocols?

Diana, William, and Harry 

Hardcover – 15 August 2022 (US & UK)

James Patterson tells the most heartbreaking story of our time, as only he can—Diana’s life as a princess and a mother taken too soon from her sons, William and Harry—timed to the twenty-fifth anniversary of her death.

The Plantagenets: A History of England’s Bloodiest Dynasty 1154-1485 

Paperback – 16 August 2022 (US & UK)

The Plantagenets is an accessible book that tells the whole narrative of the dynasty, from the coronation of Henry, Count of Anjou, in 1154 to the fall of Yorkist Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.

The Real Queen Charlotte: Inside the Real Bridgerton Court 

Hardcover – 31 August 2022 (UK) & 30 October 2022 (US)

Known to millions as the imperious matriarch of Bridgerton’s court, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was still a teenager when she was chosen to be the bride of King George III. Shy, innocent, and sheltered, the orphaned princess and her youthful groom carried the hopes of a nation on their shoulders. The placid and unassuming young couple symbolised a new beginning, but soon those hopes began to sour. Charlotte and George’s marriage lasted for nearly 60 years and produced more than a dozen children, but it was beset by unrest at home, war in the colonies, and the king’s encroaching madness. As the royal couple battled against their critics, their political opponents, and sometimes even their own family, Charlotte learned what it really meant to be queen. Locked in a bitter struggle with her eldest son for the king’s future and with her daughters for their freedom, the timid young girl grew into an insular and domineering woman that few dared to cross. Shouldering the burden of family disputes, ambitious courtiers, and the care of the man she adored, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz presided over one of the most tumultuous eras that the monarchy has ever seen. As tragic as it was glittering, this is the story of her extraordinary life.

Imprisoning Mary Queen of Scots: The Men Who Kept the Stuart Queen 

Hardcover – 30 August 2022 (UK) & 30 October 2022 (US)

Imprisoning Mary Queen of Scots covers the lives and careers of the men and women who ‘kept’ Mary Queen of Scots when she was a political prisoner in England, circa 1568/9-1587. Mary’s troubled claim to the English throne – much to the consternation of her ‘dear cousin’ Elizabeth I – made her a mortal enemy of the aforementioned Virgin Queen and set them on a collision course from which only one would walk away. Mary’s calamitous personal life, encompassing assassinations, kidnaps and abdications, sent her careering into England and right into the lap of Henry VIII’s shrewd but insecure daughter. Having no choice but keep Mary under lock and key, Elizabeth trusted this onerous task to some of the most capable – not to mention the richest – men and women in England; Sir Francis Knollys, Rafe Sadler (of Wolf Hall fame), the Earl of Shrewsbury and his wife, Bess of Hardwick, and finally, the puritanical nit-picker Sir Amyas Paulet. Until now, these nobles have been mere bit-players in Mary’s story; now, their own lives, loves and fortunes are laid bare for all to see.

Homecoming: The Scottish Years of Mary, Queen of Scots 

Hardcover – 4 August 2022 (UK) & 11 October 2022 (US)

One of the most famous queens in history, Mary Stuart lived in her homeland for just twelve years: as a dauntless child who laughed at her friendsʼ seasickness as they sailed to safety in France and later, on her return as a 18-year-old widow to take control of a nation riven with factions, dissent and religious strife. Brief though her time in Scotland was, her experience profoundly influenced who she was and what happened to her.

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The Walsingham Gambit: Deception, Entrapment, and Execution of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots 

Hardcover – 15 August 2022 (US) & 15 July 2022 (UK)

The Walsingham Gambit provides the reader with a new and unique insight into the hidden history associated with the regicide of Mary, Queen of Scots. This hidden history is revealed in great detail by R. Kent Tiernan, who describes how the English deception planners led by Sir Francis Walsingham designed, engineered, and executed a complex seven-year operation to expand Queen Elizabeth I’s power by ending Mary’s life. Tiernan presents a counterintelligence analytical approach utilizing conspiracies and deception between two religious mortal enemies. Historians have explained what happened during this tumultuous period, but this book tells how it happened. Whether interested in history or deception, the reader will be well rewarded with an enhanced understanding of both. This book is a timeless must read for anyone interested in how Mary Stuart was entrapped by Walsingham’s gambit.

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