The Royal Women

Queen Victoria & The Bedchamber Crisis

Queen Victoria began her reign with immense popularity, but that popularity was quickly dented with the Bedchamber Crisis. Lord Melbourne, her Prime Minister from the start, had his leadership undermined and Tory MP Robert Peel looked like the man to replace him as Prime Minister. Victoria had always found Robert Peel unpleasant and cold. Victoria [read more]

Carolina of Orange-Nassau

44 Facts about Carolina of Orange-Nassau

In February my first book – Carolina of Orange-Nassau, Ancestress of the Royal Houses of Europe – was released. Today is the 232nd anniversary of Carolina’s death at the early age of 44. Here are 44 facts about her life – one for each year of her life. She was her parents’ first child to [read more]

Catherine of Aragon

The Spanish Princess – Behind the series

With the premiere of The Spanish Princess later tonight, we take a look at the real royalty behind the drama. Catherine of Aragon The Spanish Princess‘ titular character is, of course, Catherine of Aragon. Born in 1485 as the youngest daughter of the Catholic Monarchs; Isabella I of Castille and Ferdinand II of Aragon. By [read more]