Princess Niloufer – An unfulfilled yearning

This article was written by Shivangi Kaushik. Princess Niloufer Khanum Farhat was born on 4th January 1916 at the Göztepe Palace in Istanbul, Turkey. She was one of the last princesses of the Ottoman Empire. Her parents were Damad Moralizada Salar ud-din Bey and Adile Sultan, daughter of Şehzade Mehmed Selaheddin, a son of Sultan [read more]


Princess Rym Ali – A story of war and love

If you are an internationally renowned journalist working for respectable media outlets such as BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, United Press International, and Radio Monte Carlo, if you have an outstanding career and the freedom to be whoever you want to be…. would you give it all up to become a princess? Probably this is a complicated [read more]