Barbara of Cilli

Elizabeth of Luxembourg – The heiress

Elizabeth of Luxembourg was born on 7 October 1409 as the daughter of Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor and Barbara of Cilli. She would be their only child. She was the de facto heiress presumptive to the thrones of Hungary and Bohemia, although most expected that she would rule jointly with her husband. In 1411, her [read more]

Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

The Politics of Skirts

This article was written by Michelle. In 1898 an article appeared in a Danish newspaper, criticising Queen Louise of Denmark for her intrusion into politics: ”In Germany, they have had their Reasons to distrust the Politics of Skirts, which has been going on at the Danish Court, but ultimately there have been no Accidents.” Queen [read more]

The Royal Women

The Queens of Huahine

Huahine is an island in the Pacific Ocean and is part of the territory of France. It currently has a population of about 6,300. The island was ruled by monarchs from 1760 until 1895 when it was annexed by France. Of its ten monarchs, five were female.  Tehaapapa I The first ruler of the island was Te-ha’apapa [read more]

Alice Heine

Princesses Consort of Monaco – Alice Heine

Alice Heine was born on 10 February 1858 in New Orleans as the daughter of Michel Heine and Amélie Marie Miltenberger. The American Civil War led the family back to France, where Alice made a great impression on the Parisian society. Her father’s firm helped finance Emperor Napoleon III’s war with Prussia. She made a brilliant match with Marie Odet [read more]