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March Book News

Red Roses: Blanche of Gaunt to Margaret Beaufort Hardcover – June 1, 2016 (US) & March 7, 2016 (UK) The Wars of the Roses were not just fought by men on the battlefield. Behind the scenes, there were daughters, wives, mistresses, mothers and queens whose lives and influences helped shape the most dramatic of English [read more]

mary tudor
Catherine of Aragon

The birth and baptism of the future Queen Mary I

Mary was the child who survived. After a difficult labour, Catherine of Aragon had given birth to a healthy daughter in the early morning of 18 February 1516 at the Palace of Placentia. Just a few days earlier news had arrived in London about Catherine’s father’s death, which had been deliberately kept from her. Her [read more]


Queens Regnant – Melisende of Jerusalem

Melisende was born in 1105 in Edessa (modern-day Turkey) to the future Baldwin II of Jerusalem and Morphia of Melitene. Her father was elected King of Jerusalem in 1118. Baldwin and Morphia had four daughters, of whom Melisende was the eldest. Though Baldwin had been encouraged to set aside Morphia to make a better political [read more]