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On 12 December 1936, the former King Edward VIII was on his way to his place of exile – Schloss Enzesfeld in Austria. There was technically no requirement for them to stay apart while Wallis’s divorce was not yet final, but they wanted to avoid having the decree contested at all cost. Unfortunately, this meant that they had to stay apart until May the following year.

As he travelled to Austria, Wallis wrote a heartfelt letter to him.


My heart is so full of love for you and the agony of not being able to see you after you have been through is pathetic. At the moment we have the whole world against us and our love – so we can’t afford to move about very much and must simply sit and face these dreary months ahead and I think I shall have to stay here. It may be safer than moving and a house is more protection than a hotel from the press and the fanatics. I am thinking where is the best place for you because you must have people with you always. The Hunters would come out also Perry & Kitty, the Buists etc. A man called Bedaux – Americans – have (sic) have offered their place to you. It is near Tours. The Rogers say it is lovely. Perhaps it is too near here. Then I hear Ralph Grimthorpe has offered you his house at Sorrento Italy. I also hear that Lincoln Ellsworth has a lovely house in Switzerland which you could probably get – and in my opinion Mimizan is safe. I don’t think you will be happy long at Enzesfeld and besides you couldn’t stay forever. I think after Christmas is the limit.

Anyway we will find something for you my darling and I am feeling all your feelings of loneliness and despair which must face you on this beginning. If we could have been together during the waiting it would have been so much easier. I long for you so. I hear that there is an organization of women who have sworn to kill me. Evans is investigating. We must not take any risks because to have an accident now would be too much to bear – so please be a “sissy” about protection. I am. There is nothing I can begin to say about Perry’s friendship for us. It has been absolutely marvellous in every way. Do tell him. I can’t because I begin to cry, I have never seen anything like it.

I don’t know your name but rather hoped it would be The Prince (sic) of Windsor. I suppose we will have difficulty about a name for poor me as York I don’t suppose will make me HRH. Above all we want to have a dignified position no matter where we are. That is also important to the throne.

Your broadcast was very good my angels and it is all going to be so lovely. Make ooh! It is cruel the laws are such that we can’t see each other until April. However everything must be done to try and placate the legal side. I can’t believe the Government would want more scandal and everything raked up again at the time of the Coronation. Some of the papers – Times, Telegraph, Morning Post – have been disloyal to you and foul to me. However it is all over now. I hope you will never regret this sacrifice and that your brother will prove to the world that we still have a position and that you will be given some jobs to do.

I am sending Ladbrook home as he wants to go but he will come out to you anywhere and you must have a car. I am engaging a local chauffeur. I think the detectives hate the job but I must have them and if the Home Office withdraws them I shall have to have two out and pay them. Monckton or Allen could select them and I shall pay out of the savings account. It is worth it God knows with all these threatening letters. I love you David and am holding so tight.”1


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  1. Wallis and Edward edited by Michael Bloch p.252-254

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