Queen Wilhelmina – Queen Emma takes the regency oath

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RP-P-OB-105.723 via Rijksmuseum (public domain)

On 20 November 1890, Wilhelmina’s mother Emma left behind her dying husband, King William III of the Netherlands, to swear the oath of regency in her husband’s name in The Hague. She told the States-General, “In these serious days, where the King’s condition fills us all with sadness, I will act as regent of the Kingdom. The King, my beloved and honoured consort, has given me the highest example of royal duty and working in the interested of the Country and the People, which has always set the House of Orange apart. I consider it my duty to follow his example. May God ease the suffering of our King and take the Netherlands under His holy wing.”1

He died just a few days later, and on 8 December, Queen Emma was back to swear the oath again – now in the name of the new sovereign; her 10-year-old daughter Queen Wilhelmina. In addition to the regency oath, she also took a separate oath as the guardian of the Queen. The oath stated, “I swear loyalty to the King; I solemnly swear to fulfil all the duties the guardianship places upon me and to focus especially on instilling in the King an attachment to the Constitution and a love for his people. So help me, God Almighty.”2

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