From Queen Victoria to the German Crown Princess – 31 March 1875

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From Queen Victoria to the German Crown Princess – Windsor Castle, 31 March 1875

We were so pleased to see him (Prince Arthur1) and he to see Leopold2 able to walk a little, and dear Alix3 was here and all seemed so nice when a terrible thing happened which has upset us all. Arthur’s sweet little dog so attached and gentle a little fox terrier – whom he was so fond of as she was of him, was driven over and killed!! It had been left behind and taken the greatest care of – he only saw it yesterday morning again and most foolishly and unwisely wished it to run with the carriage for which it was far too small and quite unaccustomed – and which is always frightfully dangerous, for you know Leopold killed his in the same way, and both brothers were in the carriage close to the door when this happened. It is a thing not to be forgotten and we all were quite upset! It was a darling – and he is sadly distressed! It might all have been prevented and such an ending to a dear attractive pet is too dreadful!

Angeli4 is most successful – and a really dear and sensible man. Beatrice5 is quite lovely, and mine absurdly like.6

  1. Queen Victoria’s son
  2. Queen Victoria’s son
  3. The Princess of Wales
  4. Heinrich von Angeli was a portrait painter
  5. Queen Victoria’s daughter
  6. Roger Fulford – Darling Child

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