The Year of Mary I

Mary in 1544 (public domain)

The year 2016 is the 500th anniversary of the birth of England’s first undisputed Queen regnant, Mary I of England. History of Royal Women is going to celebrate this in style.

We will begin next week with five articles dedicated to her, and after that, there will be at least one article every month on an important date in Mary’s history.

Mary is still largely misunderstood as ‘Bloody Mary”, which in my opinion is highly undeserved. She should be known for being England’s first Queen regnant and not just for being allegedly ‘bloody’. Hopefully, this year will see some change to the general opinion of Mary and I hope to contribute to that in some small way.

I hope you will enjoy this upcoming series!

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  1. Absolutely agree with you Moniek. That “Bloody Mary” is completely undeserved. Unfortunately, I don’t think the public has changed their opinion about her. How can they? if she is always ignored and vilified by everyone. But I’m also trying to do that with my tours and speaking out loud in every opportunity I have. Like you, it’s going to be small, but with lot of respect and love. Thank you Moneik for doing that.

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