The Bonaparte Women – Maria Cristina Ruspoli and her daughters

Maria Cristina Ruspoli was born on 25 July 1842 in Rome as the daughter of Giovanni Nepomucene Ruspoli, 5th Prince of Cerveteri and Barbara dei Principi Massimo. She was their second child and eldest daughter. On 25 November 1859, she married Napoléon Charles Bonaparte, 5th Prince of Canino, the son of Charles Lucien Bonaparte – a nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, and his wife and first cousin, Zénaïde Bonaparte. She died on 12 February 1907.

They went on to have three daughters together.

Princess Zénaïde Eugénie Bonaparte (1860–1862)

Little Zénaïde was born on 29 September 1860 in Rome but she would die shortly before her second birthday on 14 September 1862.

Princess Mary Léonie Eugénie Mathilde Jeanne Julie Zénaïde Bonaparte 

Mary Léonie was born on 10 December 1870 in Rome, ten years after the birth of her elder sister. On 25 November 1891, she married Enrico Gotti, a general in the Italian army. He was killed in 1920 at the Battle of Vlora in Albania. He and Mary Léonie had no children together and Mary survived him for 27 years, dying some time in 1947.

Princess Eugénie Laetitia Barbe Caroline Lucienne Marie Jeanne Bonaparte

Eugénie Laetitia was born on 6 September 1872 as the third and last child. On 16 November 1898, she married Léon Napoléon Ney, 4th Prince de la Moskowa in Rome. They had no children together. She was widowed on 21 October 1928 and she outlived her husband for 19 years, dying some time in 1949.

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