Separated forever – Princess Marianne and her illegitimate son

Photo by Moniek Bloks

Just last week you could read about Princess Marianne’s eventful life and her lonely end. Marianne wished to be buried together with her son and Johannes van Rossum but this was not allowed as they were not married. Their son was buried in the Johannes church, which Marianne founded specifically for him, while Marianne and Johannes were eventually buried together, though Johannes is not mentioned on the tombstone. Several years later, one of Princess Marianne’s great-granddaughters was also buried with them, though it is unclear to me why this happened. The cemetery where Marianne and Johannes are buried and the Johannes church are about 750 metres apart, leaving the grieving parents forever separated from their son.

While the cemetery is open to the public, the Johannes church does not have regular opening hours, and the crypt where Princess Marianne’s son is buried is also normally not open to the public. However, if you contact the church, they are more than willing to accommodate you. Marianne certainly left a touching monument for a boy who was obviously much loved.

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