The murder of Philippa of Flanders

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Philippa of Flanders (or Philippa of Dampierre) was born around 1287 as the daughter of Guy, Count of Flanders and Isabella of Luxembourg.

Philippa’s father sought support from the English King Edward I to preserve the autonomy of Flanders from its powerful neighbour France, and in 1294 Philippa was betrothed to Edward II. The French King strongly opposed this marriage and invited the Count and his daughter to France before she was to depart for England to say goodbye.

However, by the time they arrived on 28 September 1294, the French King’s true intentions would become apparent. Both the Count and his daughter were taken prisoner. The Count’s sons managed to secure their father’s release with the help of the pope in February of 1295. Philippa was never heard from again, and the Flemish people believe she was poisoned in 1306 at the Louvre Palace.

Sadly there is no record for this and she was allowed to simply disappear from history, even though she was intended to be Queen of England.

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  1. Het eindexamenonderwerp bij geschiedenis van mijn jaar op de middelbare school was de gulden sporen slag en dat ging ook over de strijd Gwijde van Dampierre en de Franse koning, maar van een achtergelaten prinses kan ik me niets herinneren. Interessant. Er waren idd. ook vrouwen in de geschiedenis.

  2. That last paragraph is so sad and emphasises how important history is especially to remember women. Thanks for this wonderful website that helps remember these ladies and their part in history!

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