elisabeth brunswick
Elisabeth of Brunswick-Lüneburg

Elisabeth of Brunswick-Luneburg – Queen & Countess

Elisabeth of Brunswick-Lüneburg was born circa 1230 as the daughter of Otto I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and Matilda of Brandenburg. On 25 January 1252, Elisabeth married William II of Holland, who had also been elected King of the Romans in 1247. A huge fire ravaged the city of Brunswick during their wedding night, including through [read more]

Anna Pavlovna of Russia

Biljoen Castle & Estate

Biljoen castle has its origin in 1076 as a large farm. Charles II, Duke of Guelders built a castle in 1530 and it was called Broekerhof. He was the son of Catherine of Bourbon and Adolf of Egmond. He was married to Elisabeth of Brunswick-Lüneburg. It was rebuilt by the noble van Spaen family in [read more]