marie harcourt
Marie d'Harcourt

Marie d’Harcourt – Traces in the landscape

Marie d’Harcourt, or as she is better known in the Netherlands, Mary of Guelders, will be the subject of an upcoming exhibition in Nijmegen, I, Mary of Guelders. Her prayerbook has survived the times and has been painstakingly restored to go on display. To accompany the exhibition, a new book Sporen in het landschap (Traces in [read more]


Marie d’Harcourt’s prayerbook available online

Marie d’Harcourt, or Mary of Guelders as she is perhaps better known, was Duchess of Guelders as the wife of Reinald IV, Duke of Guelders and Jülich. They had no children and Marie was widowed in 1423 when her husband died while en route to Castle Rosendael. She remarried in 1426 to Rupert of Jülich-Berg, who was 20 [read more]