Louise de Coligny

Princesses of Orange – Louise de Coligny

Louise de Coligny was the fourth and final wife of William, Prince of Orange. Louise was born on 23 September 1555 at Castle Châtillon-sur-Long as the second child, and first daughter of Gaspard de Coligny and Charlotte de Laval. She had four brothers and a half-sister. She was only two years old when her father, [read more]

Anna of Saxony

Princesses of Orange – Anna of Saxony

After the death of Anna of Buren, William, Prince of Orange, remarried to Anna of Saxony. Anna was born on 23 December 1544 in Dresden, the daughter of Maurice, Elector of Saxony and Agnes of Hesse. She would be their only surviving child, and she was just nine years old when her father died. She [read more]

Anna of Buren

Princesses of Orange – Anna of Buren

Anna of Buren was born around March 1533 as the daughter of Maximilian van Egmond and Françoise de Lannoy. She would be their only child, and she was thus the heiress to her father’s estates. Her father was an ally of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and as such he was often away on campaign. [read more]

Juliana of Stolberg

Juliana of Stolberg – Mother of dynasties

Juliana of Stolberg was born on 15 February 1506 as the daughter of Bodo VIII, Count of Stolberg-Wernigerode and Anna of Eppstein-Königstein and her baptism took place ten days later. She would be one of 12 children, and just two of those did not survive to adulthood. It would be a happy childhood with many playmates. She received [read more]