Eleonora Arborea
Eleanor of Arborea

Eleanor of Arborea – Sardinia’s Queen and Heroine

In the Middle Ages, the Italian island of Sardinia was divided into four regions known as “judicates” or “giudicati”.  Each of these regions was ruled by a ruler known as a “judge”.  The judges were princes rather than administers of justice.  The four provinces of Sardinia were Torres (or Logudoro), Cagliari, Gallura, and Arborea.  During [read more]

Adelaide of Austria

Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Sardinia

The Kingdom of Sardinia began its life in 1324 when King James II of Aragon claimed the territories as the Kingdom of Sardinia and Corsica. The Kingdom remained separate from the Crown of Aragon. House of Barcelona James II was married four times but as his first marriage to Isabella of Castile had been annulled, [read more]