Maria Nikolaevna of Russia

Grave of Emperor Alexander III may have been opened before and remains of Alexander I are missing

The Russian Orthodox Church does not rule out that the grave of Alexander III in St. Petersburg’s Petropavlovskaya Fortress could have been opened before. “We are not alleging anything, we are not alleging that the grave was invaded, although we believe it could have happened. The only thing we are alleging now is that the headstone [read more]

Alexandra Feodorovna

New examination confirms remains of last Russian emperor, his family members are genuine

Recent DNA testing has confirmed that the remains of Nicholas II and his family members are genuine, a spokesman has confirmed. Samples were taken from the lower jaw and a neckbone. The samples also matched the data obtained earlier from Nicholas II’s shirt, which had traces of his blood. The samples also exhibited heteroplasmy, a [read more]