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Royal Confinements by Jack Dewhurst Book Review

Royal Confinements was first released in 1980 and has recently been re-released with an additional chapter focussing on a few cases post-Queen Victoria. It tracks the obstetric history of the British Royals from Catherine of Braganza to – originally – Queen Victoria. It is not limited to Queens. Some had very tragic stories, such as [read more]

the irish princess
Book Reviews

Book News September 2019

Four Queens and a Countess: Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I, Mary I, Lady Jane Grey and Bess of Hardwick: The Struggle for the Crown Paperback – 15 September 2019 (UK) & 1 January 2020 (US) When Mary Stuart was forced off the Scottish throne she fled to England, a move that made her cousin Queen [read more]