juliana bernhard
Beatrix of the Netherlands

Queen Juliana – The twilight years (Part five)

Read part four here.  The day before her official abdication, Juliana looked back on her reign with the words, “Life is beautiful but hard.” The following day, Juliana signed her abdication and her daughter became Queen Beatrix. Like her mother before her, Juliana returned to using the style and title of Her Royal Highness Princess [read more]

Juliana of the Netherlands

Queen Juliana: – Mother & Queen (Part four)

Read part three here. Juliana had been dreading wearing the crown, and she thought it a huge sacrifice. Her first act as Queen was to present her mother with the Military Order of William, the oldest and highest honour of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, for her actions during the Second World War. On 27 [read more]

Anna Pavlovna of Russia

Royal Travel at the Spoorwegmuseum

Royalty must travel in style and so the Dutch Railway Museum (Spoorwegmuseum) has dedicated an entire exhibition to Royal Travel. The exhibition surprisingly opens in the ladies bathroom, where tiles from the royal waiting at Amsterdam Central have been used. You then move on to a royal waiting room before going to an actual royal [read more]