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The Child of the Sun: Royal Fairy Tales and Essays edited by Silvia Irina Zimmermann Book Review

*contains affiliate links* Elisabeth of Wied and her successor as Queen as Romania Marie of Edinburgh were both avid writers. Elisabeth wrote under the name Carmen Sylva while Marie  Silvia Irina Zimmermann from the Carmen Sylva research centre at the Fürstlich Wiedisches Archiv has published many of their works, though mostly in German. The Child of the [read more]

queen marie romania
Marie of Edinburgh

Queen Marie of Romania (2019) Film Review

Queen Marie of Romania begins in 1919 with Marie handing out bread to starving people before whisked away due to safety concerns. Marie is scolded by her husband for going out, and he tells her that the negotiations of the Paris Peace Conference are not going well for Romania. Marie then writes to her cousin, [read more]

zizi lambrino
Marie of Edinburgh

Zizi Lambrino – “La misere noire” (Part two)

Read part one here. During this separation from Zizi, Carol took a mistress which apparently frightened his parents to such an extent that they allowed Zizi to come to Bucharest where they lived together. Carol spent the mornings with his regiment while the afternoons and evenings were for walking or driving with Zizi. However, Zizi [read more]

Anne of Bourbon-Parma

Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Romania

The Kingdom of Romania began its life in 1881 when Prince Karl of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen was proclaimed King Carol I of Romania. He had been Domnitor (ruler) of Romania since 1866. In 1869, he married Princess Elisabeth of Wied, who was thus the first Queen of Romania. Their marriage was unhappy and their only child, a daughter named [read more]