Hedwig of Kalisz
Jadwiga of Kalisz

Hedwig of Kalisz – The Power behind the Throne

King Casimir III of Poland, known to history as “the great”, may not have become king, if it weren’t for the efforts of his mother, Hedwig of Kalisz.  Casimir’s father Wladyslaw the Elbow-high might not have been king if it weren’t for her either.  Hedwig was one of medieval Poland’s most influential queens.  For years, [read more]

Adelaide of Hesse

Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Poland

The Kingdom of Poland existed several times throughout history. The first Kingdom of Poland from 1025 to 1385. In 1000, Poland was recognised as a state during the Congress of Gniezo by the Holy Roman Empire and the Pope. Duke Boleslaus I the Brave of Poland became its first King in 1025. Boleslaus was married four [read more]