Bianca Maria Sforza

Bianca Maria Sforza – The unloved Empress

Bianca Maria Sforza was born on 5 April 1472 as the third child but the eldest (legitimate) daughter of Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan, and Bona of Savoy. She had two older brothers, Gian and Hermes, who were three and two at the time of her birth. Her last full sibling, Anna, was born [read more]

Maria Theresia of Austria

The death of Francis Stephen of Lorraine

On 18 August 1765, Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor died. The fifty-six-year-old Emperor who was in good health at the time and he had been in Innsbruck with his court celebrating the marriage of his son Leopold. One evening during his stay, Francis was returning from the opera when he died suddenly in his carriage, turning [read more]

leopold ii
Maria Luisa of Spain

Empress Maria Theresa’s third son – Leopold II: Grand Duke and Emperor

The future Emperor Leopold II was born on 5 May 1747 in Vienna as the third son of Empress Maria Theresa and Francis Stephen. As the third son, he was not expected to rule one day, and he was at first educated for the priesthood. However, his studies seemed to have influenced him against the [read more]