Henriette of Schönaich-Carolath

Special Tour: The Attic of House Doorn

Huis Doorn, or House Doorn, in the Netherlands is perhaps best known as the last residence and final resting place of the exiled German Emperor Wilhelm II. While most of the House is open to the public, its attic was not open. Huis Doorn is now offering a special tour twice a week where you [read more]

harold lloyd
Hermine Reuss of Greiz

When Empress Hermine met Harold Lloyd

*contains affiliate links* The Eye Film Museum recently shared two videos from the archives relating to Empress Hermine, the second wife of the German Kaiser Wilhelm II. The first one shows her meeting American actor Harold Lloyd as he visits her charity bazaar, while the second video shows her, Wilhelm, and also briefly her two [read more]

hermine carolath
Henriette of Schönaich-Carolath

Empress Hermine’s descendants

*contains affiliate links* Empress Hermine, born Hermine Reuss of Greiz, did not have any children from her second marriage to the exiled Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany. However, her first marriage to Prince Johann George of Schönaich-Carolath produced five children and through her daughter’s marriage with the Emperor’s grandson, the bloodlines intertwined anyway. For more [read more]