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Film Review: Spencer

A fable from a true tragedy. The new Spencer film sums itself up quite nicely before it has even begun. It centres around three days of Christmas at Sandringham with the royal family and during which Diana decides to leave Charles. I went in with quite negative expectations, based on other people’s experiences of seeing [read more]

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Downton Abbey Review – A royal visit

My personal love for Downton Abbey had died a quiet death alongside Matthew Crawley after season 3’s Christmas Special. I finished the series, of course, but it was never quite the same without him. I had to see the movie, especially after the trailer showed the plot was based around a royal visit by King [read more]

Anne Queen of Great Britain

Film Review: The Favourite

This month sees the UK release of the long-awaited film The Favourite, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos which I have just been to see in order to report my opinions back to History of Royal Women readers! The film focuses on the court of Queen Anne, who reigned from 1702-1714 and is a rather overlooked monarch, [read more]