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Elfrida The First Crowned Queen of England by Elizabeth Norton Book Review

I just recently received this book, Elfrida The First Crowned Queen of England by Elizabeth Norton from Amberley Publishing for review. It’s been available in hardcover since earlier this year but came out in paperback last month. Elfrida was actually known by several names, Ælfthryth but also Alfrida and Elfthryth. The Anglo-Saxons certainly knew how to make things difficult [read more]

haagse rivalen
Amalia of Solms-Braunfels

Courtly Rivals Exhibition

While in The Hague for the Royal Gatherings weekend I heard about a special exhibition the The Hague Historical Museum has right now, called Courtly Rivals (Dutch: Rivalen aan het Haagse Hof) So, during the two-hour lunch break I walked to the museum, which luckily wasn’t far away from the hotel. I took these pictures [read more]

marie boulogne
Eleanor of Aquitaine

The abduction of Marie, Countess of Boulogne

Marie, Countess of Boulogne, was born the youngest daughter of Stephen, King of England and Matilda I, Countess of Boulogne. Her father had usurped the crown from her cousin Matilda. Matilda’s son Henry would eventually succeed her father as king of England. Marie was born during her father’s reign in 1136. She had three brothers [read more]