The illegitimate daughters of Henry I of England

King Henry I of England (r.1100-1135) holds the record for an English monarch with the most acknowledged illegitimate children. He is estimated to have had between 20 and 25 illegitimate children, most of them daughters. Unfortunately, not much is written of these daughters. The chroniclers seemed to care more about his illegitimate sons, especially Robert, [read more]

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eleanor of Aquitaine – Twice a Queen (Part two)

Written by Taylor. Read part one here. From the start of their marriage, it was very apparent that Louis and Eleanor were not a match-made-in-heaven. They had opposite upbringings, interests, and temperaments. Louis was gentle and pious while Eleanor was worldly and passionate. Even the royal couple had different ideas when it came to politics. [read more]

Empress Matilda

Queens Regnant – Empress Matilda

Matilda of England, or Empress Matilda as she is perhaps better known, was born circa 7 February 1102 as the daughter of King Henry I of England and Matilda of Scotland. Matilda had a younger legitimate brother, William Adelin, and around 22 illegitimate half-siblings. We don’t know much about her early life, but she was [read more]