Maria of Bytom

Maria of Bytom – A Queen in the footnotes

Throughout the late middle ages, there are records of queens whose marriages were beneficial to their husbands’ families.  Even though we don’t know much about them, we still know whether or not they fulfilled their most important duty – bearing sons.  Often the queens who did not succeed in this are forgotten and hidden in [read more]

anna swidnica
Anna of Schweidnitz

Anna of Swidnica – A beloved Empress

After the death of his second wife Charles of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia wanted to marry again in order to have a surviving son.  He quickly decided that he would marry Anna of Swidnica, who was previously betrothed to his deceased son, Wenceslaus.  Anna was the daughter of a second son of a prince of [read more]

Elisabeth of Poland

Elizabeth of Poland – The popular Duchess of Pomerania

Elizabeth of Poland, Duchess of Pomerania, does not have the fame and accomplishments that her namesake aunt has.  However, she is fondly remembered in the Pomeranian city of Szczecinek, which shows that she must have been a popular duchess in her lifetime.  Everything known about her suggests that she was an ideal duchess consort. Early [read more]

Hedwig of Kalisz
Jadwiga of Kalisz

Hedwig of Kalisz – The Power behind the Throne

King Casimir III of Poland, known to history as “the great”, may not have become king, if it weren’t for the efforts of his mother, Hedwig of Kalisz.  Casimir’s father Wladyslaw the Elbow-high might not have been king if it weren’t for her either.  Hedwig was one of medieval Poland’s most influential queens.  For years, [read more]