Royal Wedding Recollections

Royal Wedding Recollections – Prince Richard of Gloucester & Birgitte van Deurs

The engagement of Prince Richard of Gloucester and the Danish-born Birgitte van Deurs was announced in February 1972 with the New York Times writing: “Queen’s Cousin will wed a secretary The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester announced the engagement at Kensington Palace today and declared themselves “simply delighted” with the young woman their son had [read more]

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Elizabeth II

The Royal Family Order of Elizabeth II

The Royal Family Order of Elizabeth II was an honour that was bestowed on female members of the British Royal Family, and it is worn on formal occasions. The formal practice of family orders was begun by King George IV, though members of the courts sometimes wore the sovereign’s portrait in a bejewelled frame before [read more]

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Royals and Dukedoms

The British monarchy and nobility are littered with various titles, often leading to confusing situations if you’re not familiar with them. Here I’ll be explaining the difference between a royal duke and a regular duke and how a dukedom held by a royal can stop being royal. The basis of both titles is the same, [read more]