Abbasid Empire

Zubaidah bint Ja’far – The road to Mecca

Like her mother-in-law and aunt al-Khayzuran before her, Zubaidah bint Ja’far has all but disappeared from history. Her birthdate is unknown, though she was at least one year younger than her future husband, Harun al-Rashid. Her birth year is estimated to be around 766. Zubaidah was the daughter of Ja’far, a half-brother of al-Mahdi, the [read more]

The Royal Women

Princess Poedua – James Cook’s hostage

Princess Poedua would have probably remained a mystery to us if she hadn’t crossed paths with the British explorer Captain James Cook. On 3 November 1777, James Cook moored his ships at Raiatea (French Polynesia). On 24 November, a midshipman named Alexander Mouat and a gunner’s mate named Thomas Shaw deserted from the ‘Discovery.’ To [read more]


Gunnora – An influential regent

This article was written by Carol. Gunnora was the wife of Richard I, Duke of Normandy, grandson of Rollo, the first Duke of Normandy. Gunnora was born around 950 and she died in 1031. Legend has it that she met Richard when Richard’s eye fell upon her sister Seinfreda while riding in the forest. Seinfreda [read more]

Book Reviews

Book News March 2021

*contains affiliate links* Katherine Parr: Opportunist, Queen, Reformer: A Theological Perspective  Hardcover –15 March 2021 (US) & 15 December 2020 (UK) Unlike other biographies, which have focused on the court politics of the Tudor era, the romantic desires of Henry VIII that drove his serial marriages, and the military and economic challenges to England at [read more]