queen alexandra wedding necklace
Alexandra of Denmark

Queen Alexandra’s Wedding Necklace

Queen Alexandra’s Wedding Necklace consists of “eight pearl and diamond clusters, all detachable and all with spiral back clasps for attachments, the three at the centre with detachable brilliant and pavé-set baroque pearl pendants, linked by festoons of brilliant in open-back and cut-down silver collets.” Embed from Getty Images The necklace was part of a [read more]

catherine cambridge

Royals and Dukedoms

The British monarchy and nobility have various titles, often leading to confusing situations if you’re not familiar with them. So what is the difference between a royal duke and a regular duke, and how can a dukedom held by a royal stop being royal? The basis of both titles is the same, and they are [read more]

mary cambridge
Amelia of Great Britain

The Princesses of Cambridge

The first two creations of the Dukedom of Cambridge were for the sons of the future James II and his first wife, Anne Hyde. Both boys died young and thus never had children themselves. The third creation was for the future George II, who was styled as Duke and Marquess of Cambridge from 9 November [read more]