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Book News May 2023

*contains affiliate links* Embroidering Her Truth: Mary, Queen of Scots and the Language of Power  Paperback – 19 January 2023 (UK) & 30 May 2023 (US) In sixteenth-century Europe women’s voices were suppressed and silenced. Even for a queen like Mary, her prime duty was to bear sons. In an age when textiles expressed power, [read more]

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Book Review: Woman between Two Kingdoms: Dara Rasami and the Making of Modern Thailand by Leslie Castro-Woodhouse

*contains affiliate links* Dara Rasami was a Princess of Chiang Mai who became one of the princess consorts of King Chulalongkorn of Siam (Thailand). She was still only around 13 years old when she entered the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Her only child with the King was a daughter named Vimolnaka Nabisi, who tragically died at [read more]

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Book News April 2023

*contains affiliate links* The Windsors at War: The Nazi Threat to the Crown  Hardcover – 9 March 2023 (UK) & 18 April 2023 (US) The Windsors at War tells the story of the turbulent and seismic decade in between 1937 and 1947, including the bombing of Buckingham Palace in May 1940, the Duke of Windsor’s ill-advised [read more]

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Book Review: The Empress in the Pepper Chamber: Zhao Feiyan in History and Fiction by Olivia Milburn

*review copy* *contains affiliate links* Zhao Feiyan, also known as Empress Xiaocheng, was an Empress during the Han Dynasty. She has been known in history for being so wanton that she has been the main character in many lewd Chinese pieces of literature. Her notorious reputation has remained alive for two millennia, but is it [read more]

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Book News March 2023

*contains affiliate links* Charlene: In Search of a Princess  Paperback – 5 January 2023 (UK) & 14 March 2023 (US) Journalist Arlene Prinsloo sifts fact from fiction in this revealing unauthorised biography of Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene. Prinsloo traces her life from humble beginnings in Zimbabwe, Johannesburg and Durban to the Olympic Games, her [read more]