Arabella Churchill
The Royal Mistresses Series

Arabella Churchill – “Nothing but skin and bones”

Arabella Churchill is a little-known figure in English history; despite her decade-long relationship with James, Duke of York who later became King James II of England. Perhaps attentions were focused on the King at the time, King Charles II, who was James’ brother and a notorious womaniser. With King Charles flaunting his mistresses and showering [read more]

anne hyde york
Anne Hyde

Anne Hyde – Duchess of York

Anne Hyde was born on 12 March 1637 as the daughter of Frances Aylesbury and Edward Hyde, later created Earl of Clarendon. She was born in Cranborne Lodge in Windsor Park, the home of her grandfather. She was named after Edward’s first wife, Anne Ayliffe of Grittenham who died six months into their marriage. We [read more]