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Blessed Joan of Portugal

Joan of Portugal – The Princess Saint

Joan was the daughter of Isabella of Coimbra and Afonso V of Portugal. She was born on 6 February 1452, and she was for a short time the heiress presumptive between the death of her older brother John and the birth of her younger brother, the future John II. She was even given the title [read more]

Blanche of Burgundy

The Queens of the Tour de Nesle Affair

Sometimes history reads like a soap opera, and the Tour de Nesle affair would certainly fit right in. This royal scandal took place in the French royal family under King Philip IV. Philip had three sons, who all would eventually succeed him as King of France. His three sons had all made advantageous marriages. His [read more]

Eleanor Countess of Vermandois

Elisabeth, Countess of Vermandois and Walter de Fontaines

Elisabeth was born around 1143 as the eldest daughter of Ralph I, Count of Vermandois and his second wife of Petronilla of Aquitaine. Petronilla was the sister of the famous Eleanor of Aquitaine who was both Queen of France and of England. Her parents’ marriage was controversial. Ralph repudiated his first wife, Eleanor of Blois, [read more]

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Adelaide of Italy

Royal Saints

Many royal women sought a religious life, especially after the deaths of their husbands or even from their early childhood. I have compiled a list, probably incomplete, of many of those female saints. Adelaide of Italy Adelaide was born around 931 and she was respectively Queen of Italy as the wife of Lothair II of [read more]