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Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Poland

The Kingdom of Poland existed several times throughout history. The first Kingdom of Poland from 1025 to 1385. In 1000, Poland was recognised as a state during the Congress of Gniezo by the Holy Roman Empire and the Pope. Duke Boleslaus I the Brave of Poland became its first King in 1025. Boleslaus was married four [read more]

anna jagiellon
Anna Jagiellon

Queens Regnant – Anna Jagiellon

Anna Jagiellon was born on 18 October 1523 to King Sigismund I the Old of Poland and Bona Sforza. She spent her childhood in Kraków with two of her sisters, Sophia and Catherine. It was a rather mundane childhood, and she was quite a forgotten child. She was involved in charity and spent her spare time embroidering, [read more]