Former Princess Mako and husband Kei hold press conference following wedding

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Former Princess Mako and her new husband Kei Komuro have held a press conference following their wedding today. Although a question and answer session had been planned, it was changed at the last minute to the couple answering questions that had been submitted beforehand. The two both also read out a statement.

Princess Mako, now known as Mrs Mako Komuro, spoke first at the press conference held at a hotel in Tokyo. She said that she had had limited opportunity to speak publicly about Kei’s reported actions, and this may have caused misunderstandings. She understood that people had strong opinions about their marriage and deeply regrets having caused them trouble. She thanked those who cared about her as well as those who disregarded the false reports. Mako stated that she had urged Kei to study abroad. She also vowed to overcome any new difficulties ahead with Kei by her side.

Kei then said he hoped to create a warm family life with Mako and vowed to support her to the best of his abilities.

Mako’s parents and her sister Kako also released statements following the wedding. Her sister Kako wrote, “My sister has been and will always be very important to me. We had a good time together, and the presence of my sister often made me feel safe. I am sincerely grateful. Also, I am grateful that Kei Komuro cares about my sister. I was also very sad that the false information about the marriage was taken up as if it were true and that there was a lot of slander. Even under such circumstances, I have seen up close how my sister and Kei Komuro support each other. We are delighted that the two have been married today.”

Mako’s parents wrote, “Since we first announced that they were going to get married, something unexpected happened to us. We received various suggestions from around us, as well as voices of concern and opposition. It also had a considerable impact on the imperial family. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

Mako and Kei plan to settle down in the United States.

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