Starz orders Tudor drama ‘Becoming Elizabeth’

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Starz is going to explore the future Queen Elizabeth I’s younger years with a new show called “Becoming Elizabeth.”

“The world of “Becoming Elizabeth” is visceral and dangerous – judgments are rendered quickly and no one is safe,” said Starz CEO Jeffrey A. Hirsch in a statement. “This series explores the Tudor reign and young Elizabeth, who would become England’s ‘Gloriana’ and one of history’s most dynamic figures, through a new lens which we think viewers will find highly engaging.

“Becoming Elizabeth” is being created and written by playwright and TV screenwriter Anya Reiss. “Drama seems to skip straight from Henry VIII’s turnstile of wives to an adult white-faced Gloriana. Missing out boy kings, religious fanatics, secret affairs and a young orphaned teenager trying to save herself from the vicious scramble to the top. I should have found it hard to relate to 500-year-old royalty but Elizabeth lived in dangerous, polarising times and often made terrible hormone-fuelled decisions. I’ve found writing her story a thrilling experience,” said Reiss.

Starz has some experience with the Tudor era – it also developed “The Spanish Princess.” It also developed “The White Queen” and “The White Princess.”

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  1. I can’t wait, I’m so excited, their are so many stories they can tell in that era and not just the Tudors. When will it begin, how many sesaons, do we know who will play the parts, will Elizabeth change as in a toddler, middle age, teenager then adult with different actresses?

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