Review: The Princess (2022)

the diana princess
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The 25th anniversary of Diana, Princess of Wales’s death has led to new or updated documentaries. The Princess (2022) is one such new documentary.

The documentary is quite literally off to a shaky start, without much of an intro. It remains unclear what The Princess tries to achieve. Where is the angle? Is there something new to tell? Instead, we go down the familiar route as The Princess attempts to build up the tension with some poorly chosen music.

The Princess does show us all sides of the complicated Diana. From the innocent and naive bride to the scorned wife and manipulator of the media. The much-talked-about Panorama interview also makes an appearance. Unfortunately, the video quality, as most archival footage is from the 90s and earlier, is quite poor.

In the end, I couldn’t find anything new here. Perhaps we’ve said all we need to say about Diana.

Read more about the documentary here.

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