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Blood, Sex & Royalty is the latest Netflix documentary on the Tudors.

The three episodes focus on Anne Boleyn’s rise to become King Henry VIII’s Queen. It stars Amy James-Kelly as Anne Boleyn and Max Parker as King Henry VIII. The experts in the series are, amongst others, Suzannah Lipscomb, Lauren Mackay, Tracy Borman and Owen Emmerson. They are well-known historians.

With its obvious Netflix slickness, Blood, Sex & Royalty speaks to a younger audience. This is also obvious with the liberties taken in the costume department and the modern backgrounds. But, overall, it’s quite informative and a nice modern addition to the vast amount of documentaries already made about the period.

However, despite it being three episodes long, it could have been more in-depth. Where was the future Queen Mary I, for example?

Blood, Sex & Royalty is out in Europe, but it has no set release date for the United States yet.

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